Public Sessions: Mask Fit Testing for Individuals

Individuals can register below in a group session

MaskFit Plus is expanding and now runs a public schedule for mask fit group sessions for individuals to service the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge area. Online registration is below to service these areas is below. We will be adding additional Kitchener/Waterloo  locations in the future.  We are currently at the Rockway Centre (Community Services) in Kitchener

Should you want to register yourself for mask fit session in the greater Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and Hamilton area, please click HERE to register.

Our mask fit testing group sessions certify you many forms of personal protective equipment including on N95 masks, 1/2 face  respirators, and full-face respirators.

We follow the Occupational Health and Safety (OHSA) approved Qualitative Fit Testing (QFLT). The requirement for mask fit testing under the Canadian CSA-Z94 standard is a followed strictly.


MaskFit Plus provides a specialized one-stop shop “MASK/RESPIRATOR: focused products and masks for testing services. We also offer mask fit certifications and high-grade medical and industrial grade masks and respirators for corporate clients.

Getting a mask fit test done is easy for individuals! Our mask fit test dates are listed on this page.  Simply 1) REGISTER for a date and 2) select and an available APPOINTMENT TIME.

Session Capacity Limit:  There are limited spots per  session.

Session Duration:  1 Hour


Event Venue Date
Mask Fit Testing Kitchener (Rockway) -Select time slot Rockway Centre (Community Services)
  • 10/20/2023 10:00 am

Individual Mask Fit Test Fee

Individual Fee (with “Bring your own” N95 / 1/2 face respirator): $49.00 (plus HST) Mask

Types: N95 mask, half-face respirator, full-face respirator

*** ATTN: Medical Professionals/Students ***

Need a 3M N95 medical-grade mask?
Please bring $20.00 (exact change) to your session. We will fit you to the appropriately sized mask.

3M Masks on supply: 1870+, 1860, 1860s, 9210+, 8210, 1804s, 8110s, 9105s

Certification: 2 years (OHSA)

Certification Details and Participant Information

  • Every 2 years, employers/schools that require employees/students to protect themselves from contaminated airborne particulates must provide a respirator mask fit test certification with the appropriate mask or respirator (i.e., N95, ½ face mask or full-face mask).
  • The certification covers, the mask, inspection, limitations, proper donning, seal check, doffing, and disposal, certification.
  • All participants MUST be clean-shaven for respirator mask fit testing (NO EXCEPTIONS!).  See facial surfaces.